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About Us

In today’s tough economic times no one can afford to take a “business as usual” approach, it simply will not be successful. We need to be aggressive, creative, and open to new practices and ways of doing business. This culture must be apparent throughout the organization.

At BlueArrow we seek opportunities...we seek opportunities to partner with our clients and streamline their supply chain…we seek opportunities to reduce turn around while at the same time reducing costs. We are seeing more of our client partners looking for variable cost distribution programs. Top quality third party logistics providers, like BlueArrow, allow companies to work in a flexible distribution costs model that goes up and down as their business fluctuates, and allows them to focus on their core business…they do what they do best and we support that by using our expertise, knowledge and experience as cost effectively as possible. This web project has been developed by Kims Corporation*

BlueArrow’s drive to add value through innovation and flexibility has never been more important than in these difficult economic times. Utilizing best practices while always looking for ways to streamline and reduce costs for our clients, is our goal and will continue well into the future. We are able to do this because of the dedication of our associates. At BlueArrow Logistics, our associates always put our clients first. Its just the Bluearrow Way!